Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gotta Cook Tonight seasoning by Urban Accents

I'm always trying to find options which are very low in sodium - especially since you can't always control how much sodium is in prepared sauces. Sometimes it's shocking just how much sodium there can be in a sauce.

Gotta Cook Tonight Santa Fe Mole - This pre-packaged mix packet has only 2% of your daily value of sodium per serving. That's great!

Gotta Cook Tonight has other sauces which have very low or no sodium at all.

Their others sauces include:
Morroccan Tagine
Hungarian Goulash
Madras Curry

I'm looking forward to trying the curry, tandoori, tagine, and mole! YUM!

Check out more info here:

Kudos to them-except for mispelling mole.

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